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Outside the Walls of Disneyland Forward: A Look at The Surrounding Enhancements

This expansive project isn't just about adding more magic within the park's boundaries—it's also about enhancing the surrounding areas and improving the overall experience for visitors and residents alike.

Traffic Flow Improvements

The corner of Ball Road and Walnut Street will be set to see significant improvements in traffic flow as part of the project. An extensive list of traffic enhancements is included in the environmental document pertaining to Disneyland Forward (@laughing_place on X/Twitter). These improvements aim to ensure that guests can easily access the park and navigate the surrounding streets, making their visit to Disneyland even more seamless.

New Parking Structure and Bicycle Facilities

A new parking structure is planned for the current Pumbaa lot, providing ample parking for visitors. In addition, there will be new bicycle facilities and lanes along Walnut Street and Disney Way, catering to the increasing number of guests who prefer this eco-friendly mode of transport.

Enhancing Aesthetics and Accessibility

Disneyland Forward also looks beyond the park's boundaries. New 360-degree aesthetic regulations will ensure future attractions look as good from outside the Disneyland Resort as they do from the inside. Furthermore, up to three additional bridges will be built across Harbor Boulevard, and two more across Disneyland Drive. These bridges, which will extend the themed environment across the roadway, will not be open to public access but will undoubtedly enhance the overall aesthetic of the area.

Infrastructure Upgrades and Public Safety

Disneyland Forward isn't just about aesthetics and accessibility—it's also about infrastructure and safety. Disney will cost-share up to $10 million for upgrades to the sewer infrastructure along Katella Avenue. Additionally, agreements are in place covering fire and police operations between Disney and the city, ensuring the continued safety and security of all Disneyland Resort visitors.

Theming the Backside of New Experiences

Lastly, @laughing_place on X/Twitter notes that Disneyland Forward will result in a commitment to theme the backside of new experiences that face the public. This means that even the areas of the park visible to the public from outside the resort will be thoughtfully designed and styled, adding an extra layer of magic to the Disneyland experience.

Disneyland Forward is more than just a theme park expansion—it's a comprehensive plan that considers every aspect of the Disneyland experience, from traffic flow and parking to aesthetics and infrastructure.

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