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Disneyland Forward: The $2.5 Billion Theme Park Expansion

Disney has announced a massive $2.5 billion investment for the Disneyland Forward theme park expansion, according to a recent report by OC Register. This significant commitment marks a new chapter in the history of Disneyland, promising guests more magical experiences and adventures than ever before.

Updating Anaheim's City Plan

The DisneylandForward proposal aims to update a 1990s Anaheim city plan, paving the way for a vibrant mix of theme park, hotel, retail, dining, and entertainment spaces on the eastern and western edges of the Disneyland resort. This long-term planning proposal covers the next four decades of Disneyland development, promising a future filled with endless magic and wonder.

New Lands and Attractions

Disneyland has always been about creating immersive experiences that transport guests into their favorite stories. With this expansion, Disneyland is looking forward to bringing even more beloved characters and stories to life. Possible projects based on Black Panther, Coco, Frozen, Zootopia, Tangled, Peter Pan, Toy Story, and Tron have been mentioned, suggesting that these are the types of lands and attractions that Anaheim could gain from under the updated city planning and zoning guidelines.

Economic Impact and Job Creation

But it's not just about the magic. The Disneyland Forward expansion also means a significant boost to the local economy. For every $1 billion Disney invests in Anaheim, it's estimated that 4,480 construction jobs will be created over a four-year period. This doesn't even take into account the numerous other jobs that will be generated by the expanded operations once the new areas are up and running.

This $2.5 billion commitment by Disney signifies their belief in the future of Disneyland and its ability to continue to captivate and inspire guests from around the world. We at The Disneyland View can't wait to see how this expansion unfolds and look forward to sharing more updates with you as they come.

Here's to the future of Disneyland, filled with more magic, more jobs, and more opportunities for all!


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