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Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris to Undergo a Major Transformation

Disneyland Paris has announced a major transformation of the Walt Disney Studios Park, which will soon be renamed Disney Adventure World. This transformation is set to take the guest experience to a whole new level, with the entire resort continuing to elevate its offerings in the coming years.

A New World of Frozen

One of the most exciting additions to the park will be the World of Frozen, a new immersive area dedicated to the wintery world of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen. This area will transport guests to the kingdom of Arendelle, complete with its colorful facades and the remarkable North Mountain.

Adventure Bay: A Gateway to New Experiences

The World of Frozen will be located on the edge of Adventure Bay, a 70,000 cubic meter body of water that will serve as a gateway to the new themed universes. More than just a scenic icon, Adventure Bay will provide a unique entertainment stage with a 360-degree viewing area. Equipped with the latest technologies, it will offer exciting water-based entertainment, complete with fountains, music, lights, and special effects.

A Grand Entrance: World Premiere

The park’s transformation will extend to the entrance area, immersing guests in the brand-new story as soon as they step into Disney Adventure World. The new entrance building, renamed World Premiere, will transport guests into a vibrant, contemporary open-air movie studio. The interior décor of the “soundstage” will pay homage to historic movie theaters in Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole. The World Premiere is set to reopen in Spring 2025.

World Premiere Plaza: A Celebration of Animation

Once outside the World Premiere building, guests will arrive in the heart of World Premiere Plaza. This area will bring together theaters celebrating Disney Animation and Pixar stories in a stylish Art Déco-inspired setting. The Walt Disney Imagineering Paris teams are already at work to turn the park’s former central square into a dynamic and warm environment, inspired by the famous facades of Broadway and West End theaters.

Adventure Way: A Path to Enchantment

To gain access to the park’s immersive worlds, guests will be able to walk along Adventure Way, a beautiful promenade surrounded by lush landscape and themed gardens. As guests wander through this enchanting area, they will discover Raiponce Tangled Spin, an all-new family attraction inspired by the beloved Disney Animation movie Tangled. This ride will invite guests to “take a spin” through the iconic floating lanterns scene that has touched the hearts of viewers of all ages.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting transformation of Disneyland Paris!

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