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Unusual Visitor Shakes Up Magic Kingdom: Black Bear Spotted

An unexpected visitor took center stage at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom on Monday, creating quite a stir among visitors and employees. The west side of the park experienced an abrupt closure due to what was originally described as "technical difficulties." However, it wasn't long before rumors started circulating that the real cause was a black bear.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) confirmed the news: a black bear had indeed been seen within the park's bounds, specifically up a tree. Bear sightings in populated areas aren't unheard of, especially in the fall when these creatures are actively searching for food to build up their winter fat reserves. Nevertheless, a visit to the Magic Kingdom was a surprise.

Biologists from the FWC's Bear Management Program swiftly arrived on the scene, along with FWC Law Enforcement officers. Their goal: to manage this unusual situation with the utmost care for all - park guests, employees, and the bear itself.

"In most cases, we advise people to give space to the bears and not approach or feed them," said an FWC spokesperson. "However, given the unique circumstances, our team is working diligently on capturing and relocating the bear to a more suitable habitat."

The FWC took this opportunity to remind the public about safety measures when encountering a bear. They urge everyone to maintain a safe distance, never to approach or feed the animal, and to be aware of their surroundings, especially in areas where bears have been sighted before.

For more information about living in harmony with these impressive creatures, the public can visit the FWC's website at or These resources offer comprehensive information about bear behavior, safety tips, and ways to avoid conflicts.

The Magic Kingdom's west side remained closed for the day, but the FWC and park officials were optimistic about a full reopening once the bear was safely relocated. This unique event serves as a reminder of the wild beauty of Florida's wildlife, even in the heart of a world-famous theme park.


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