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ShopDisney drops first batch of Disney100 Celebration Collection.

Yesterday marked a momentous occasion as Disney's 100th Celebration Collection became available in both ShopDisney and select parks at Disney World and Disneyland. Showcasing 35 items for now, the collection provides plenty of magical keepsakes to commemorate this storied milestone - so take a look today!

Mickey fans of all ages and budgets can get their hands on a wide range of merchandise from Disney Parks, with prices ranging from just under $20 to almost four hundred dollars. Shopping options include water bottles for convenience, plushes for cuddles and collectibles like Mickey ears - not forgetting the bags ideal for carrying travel essentials!

Below are just a few items that are on ShopDisney currently.

With Disney's new selection of merchandise hitting stores, the question fans are asking is "do they jump on it now or wait to see if something better comes along?" As anticipation builds and products start flying off shelves will shoppers stay patient in hopes for a grand reveal? Let's find out!


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