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New Disney 'Frozen' Podcast Announced: "Forces of Nature" Coming This October

Disney has recently announced the release of a new podcast based on the beloved franchise, "Frozen". Titled "Frozen: Forces of Nature", the 12-episode standalone adventure will premiere in October.

Set after the events of "Frozen 2", the podcast follows Elsa and Anna as they join forces to restore balance and harmony to their kingdom and the Spirits of Nature. Alongside the familiar cast of characters, including Queen Disa, Lord Wolfgang, and the mischievous magpies Astrid and Magnus, the podcast will introduce exciting new personalities.

In an exciting development, ABC News' chief meteorologist, Ginger Zee, will lend her voice as a presenter in the podcast. Zee, who previously hosted ABC Audio's "Inside Frozen 2" podcast, brings her expertise and storytelling skills to enhance the immersive audio experience.

"Frozen: Forces of Nature" will be available to stream on popular podcast platforms, providing fans with a new way to engage with the enchanting world of "Frozen". Stay tuned for this thrilling audio adventure that will captivate audiences of all ages.


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