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Iger breaks down the $60 billion investment

As we all know, the company announced a whopping $60 billion investment plan, a move that promises to take our beloved parks to new heights.

Of this substantial sum, a staggering 70% is earmarked for creating new attractions and lands. That’s right, folks - $42 billion is set to be invested in expanding the magic we all know and love. This means more enchanting stories, more thrilling rides, and more immersive experiences. From the fairy-tale charm of Cinderella’s castle to the intergalactic allure of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the possibilities are endless.

The remaining 30% of the investment, amounting to $18 billion, will be dedicated to the maintenance of all Disney parks. This ensures that every visit to a Disney park is as magical as the last, with every attraction running smoothly and every land looking as pristine as ever.

These announcements came in response to questions about Disney’s growth and future plans. It’s clear that Disney is not just growing, but thriving, continually finding new ways to create unforgettable experiences for its guests.

So, fellow Disney fans, let’s buckle up and prepare for a magical journey. With $60 billion fuelling our adventure, we’re all set for a ride that’s nothing short of spectacular. Here’s to what awaits us!


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