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Halloween Treat: Unexpectedly Low Wait Times at Disneyland Today!

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Happy Halloween, Disney fans! It seems that the magic of Halloween has brought with it an unexpected treat - surprisingly low wait times at Disneyland today.

In what can be considered a rare occurrence, some of the park's most popular attractions are seeing wait times significantly lower than usual. As of around 12pm, here are some of the astonishingly low wait times:

  • Space Mountain: 25 minutes

  • Matterhorn: 20 minutes

  • Big Thunder Mountain: 10 minutes

  • Indiana Jones Adventure: 45 minutes

  • Haunted Mansion Holiday: 50 minutes

  • Rise of the Resistance: 15 minutes

  • Soarin' Around the World: 10 minutes

These wait times are much lower than what we typically see on a holiday, especially one as popular as Halloween. It's unclear why the wait times are so low today, but it's certainly a welcome surprise for those visiting the park.

This is a fantastic opportunity for park-goers to enjoy their favorite attractions without the usual long lines. Imagine zipping through the galaxy on Space Mountain or embarking on a daring adventure with Indiana Jones, all with minimal wait time!

The Haunted Mansion Holiday, which is only around for a limited time each year, is also experiencing a shorter wait time. This unique version of the ride combines the classic Haunted Mansion with "The Nightmare Before Christmas" for a spooky and festive experience.

And let's not forget about Rise of the Resistance, one of the newest and most popular attractions in Disneyland. A mere 15-minute wait for this immersive Star Wars ride is nearly unheard of!

So if you're at Disneyland today, take advantage of these unusually low wait times and make the most out of your magical Halloween day. And remember, no matter how short the lines may be, safety comes first, so continue to follow any health and safety guidelines provided by the park.

Here's wishing you all a fun and safe Halloween at Disneyland!


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