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Fantasmic! to Make Enchanted Return to Disneyland Spring 2024.

In a bit of news that will have Disney fans both excited and intrigued, Disneyland has announced that its beloved nighttime spectacular "Fantasmic!" will not be returning until Spring 2024. The show, which stars Sorcerer Mickey in a battle of imagination against Disney villains, has been a staple at the park since its debut in 1992.

However, when the show does return, it won't be exactly as diehard fans might remember. Most notably, the iconic showdown between Sorcerer Mickey and Maleficent will undergo a significant change.

Maleficent will still engage in a magical battle with Mickey, but not in her usual dragon form. The dragon figure, affectionately referred to as "Murphy" was unfortunately destroyed in a fire during a performance in April this year.

During the second show on Saturday, April 22, the Maleficent dragon, usually a highlight in the climactic nightmare sequence, caught fire. The blaze continued for several minutes, leading to the complete destruction of the figure and the cancellation of the show.

In a statement from a Disneyland spokesperson, it was revealed that teams are currently working on crafting some "exciting new magic" for the show's return in the spring of 2024.

"We understand how much our guests love 'Fantasmic!'," the spokesperson said. "And while we're saddened by the loss of our 'Murphy', we're also excited for the opportunity to bring a fresh spin to this cherished spectacle. Our teams are working tirelessly to create new magic that we're sure will thrill our guests when 'Fantasmic!' returns in the spring."

While details about the new form Maleficent will take in the show are being kept under wraps, the news has already sparked much excitement and speculation among the Disney community.

Regardless of the changes, fans will be eagerly awaiting the return of "Fantasmic!", a show that has long been a beacon of imagination, creativity, and that special Disney magic.

Stay tuned for more updates as we follow the magical transformation of one of Disneyland's most iconic nighttime shows.


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