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DisneylandForward Project Advances: Anaheim City Council Votes Yes

Good evening, Disneyland enthusiasts! We have some exciting news to share. The Anaheim City Council has voted in favor of advancing the DisneylandForward Project (DEV2021-00069). This decision marks a significant step towards the continued, long-term growth of The Disneyland Resort.

The Proposed Project will allow the transfer of uses permitted under The Disneyland Resort Project to other areas of The Disneyland Resort Specific Plan (DRSP) No. 92-1 and the Anaheim Resort Specific Plan (ARSP) No. 92-2 owned or leased by Disney or other subsidiaries of The Walt Disney Company.

Key Council Actions

The council’s approval includes several amendments and agreements:

  • General Plan Amendment, Land Use and Circulation Elements

  • Disneyland Resort Specific Plan and Code Amendments

  • Anaheim Resort Specific Plan and Code Amendments

  • Height Map Amendment

  • The Anaheim Resort Public Realm Landscape Program and Identity Program Amendments

  • Amended and Restated Development Agreement

  • Public Safety Operations Agreements

  • Abandonment of Right-of-Way Easements

  • Subsequent Environmental Impact Report

Conditions of Approval

Disney has committed to a comprehensive Wayfinding Program for vehicle and pedestrian access for the East Parking Area and an Operations Plan for new public parking facilities. The landscaping around the park, including the Streets of Anaheim, will be updated.

New Development Commitment

Disney has pledged a minimum initial investment of $1.9 billion within 10 years, focusing on visitor-inducing uses such as theme parks, hotels, and retail, dining, and entertainment venues. If the actual investment does not total $2.5 billion by year 10, an additional $5 million payment will be made.

Infrastructure and Public Safety Investments

Disney will make an $8 million payment to the City within one year of project approval, which can be used at the City’s discretion for park improvements or reinvestment. Additionally, Disney will contribute over $10 million to update the city’s sewers.

Disney will also reimburse the city for Paramedic, Ambulance, and Community Risk Reduction services and will construct and maintain a Fire Substation in the Theme Park District. A new police station will also be added in the park.

Street Abandonments and Mapped Streets

Disney will make a $40 million payment to the City for right-of-way abandonments and mapped streets. This includes Magic Way, Clementine Street, Hotel Way, Gene Autry Way, and Clementine Street.

Setbacks from Residential Uses

For new attractions, indoor thrill or family attractions will have a 200-feet minimum setback from residential uses, and outdoor family attractions will have a 400-feet minimum setback.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!


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