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Disneyland Security Getting $8 Raise.

Disneyland Resort security Cast Members are getting an $8 per hour raise in phases over the next two years, according to a report from Orange County Register. The new contract will give the workers a $3 per hour raise starting December 2023, followed by a $1-an-hour hike April 1, 2024, and another $1 hourly raise on April 1, 2025.

The agreement between Disney and the unions that represent the security staff also includes additional raises for workers in many classifications. Combined, the raises will boost their wages by more than $5.50 over five years.

The new starting salary for a security “host” at the Disneyland Resort amounts to a 25 percent increase for a job where being bilingual and having experience with crowd control is required.

Disneyland is also expanding its security measures to include Downtown Disney in order to protect guests and make it easier for visitors to access the area. This expansion will include uniformed police officers using metal detectors and bag checks as well as other security measures such as cameras and undercover officers.

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Disneyland Resort security Cast Members have been given an opportunity to earn more money with these pay increases over the next two years. The increased wages will help them provide better service while ensuring that visitors remain safe during their stay at Disneyland Resort.


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