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Disneyland get important dates wrong on signage around the park.

It seems like Disney has missed the mark in more ways than one recently. According to eye-witness reports, signage outside the park contained incorrect dates about historical event in Disney History. You can imagine everyone's shock when they noticed these mistakes - but how did this happen and why didn't anyone catch them sooner or rectify them quickly enough?

Signs went up in the past days for Disney's 100 year celebration but many guest noticed that dates were wrong for example The Matterhorn was labeled that it opened in 1955 when really it didn't open until 1959... They also wrote that Snow White and the seven dwarfs was released in 1939 when the correct date would be 1937.

Obviously this is a huge error that Disney has somehow allowed to happen and will need to be addressed how long do you thing these signs will stay up? Let us know in the comments below! And as always thanks for reading the Disneyland view


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