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Disneyland Forward will bring Anaheim a new Parking Structure east of the park.

Last week, we spoke to representatives from Disneyland Forward about the project's chances of success in Anaheim. With "Forward" set to occupy a number of former parking lots for its expansion plan, we explored how they'll provide enough space for all visitors who need it. Stay tuned and join us as we dive into this story with exclusive details!

Our first question was "What approval is needed from Anaheim if any for the Disneyland Forward's site which is currently mapped out where current parking lots are still for the park?" Disneyland said "The City will be considering a number of approvals related to Disneyland Forward, including amendments to the City’s General Plan, amendments to the Disneyland Resort Specific Plan and Anaheim Resort Specific Plan and their associated zoning and development standards in the Anaheim Municipal Code, and certification of an Environmental Impact Report." As expected its not just a yes or a no from Anaheim to bring more theme park to Disneyland is a big take on for not only Disney but the area around the park. In the second question we addressed the possible parking issue. Disney's response to this was "With approval of Disneyland Forward, theme park and Downtown Disney parking would be primarily planned in structures that allow for convenient freeway access: in the Mickey & Friends and Pixar Pals structures on the west side of the Disneyland Resort, and in a new structure allowed to be constructed east of the theme parks, adjacent to Interstate 5 on sites currently used as the Pumbaa surface parking lot and the Manchester Cast Member Lot."

A new parking structure would definitely help this possible future problem when Disneyland Forward came to reality.

What are your thought about another new parking garage near Disneyland are you excited for Disneyland Forward? Let us know in the comments below and as always stay tuned to The Disneyland View for the latest Disneyland news and updates about all Things Disney!


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