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Disneyland Forward reaching out to the community

Photo From: DisneylandForward Website

As we all know DisneylandForward is a multi-year public planning effort proposed by Disney Parks officials to renegotiate permits and zoning within the Anaheim area. The goal of this project is to update existing development approvals and allow Disney to invest in new entertainment, theme parks, and other ventures.

The proposal has been met with enthusiasm from both the city of Anaheim and Disney fans alike. According to Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock,

“This is an exciting opportunity for us to meaningfully invest in Anaheim and meet future demands for our parks and resorts.”

According to the Orange County Register DisneylandForward includes six possible projects that could/would enhance the overall experience for visitors. These include: expanding the two theme parks, increasing hotel offerings, adding more parking spaces, updating entertainment options, building new restaurants, and creating more retail outlets.

In order to raise awareness about this long-term project, Disneyland Resort has added eight new Coffee Hours throughout the summer months. These events are designed to provide an opportunity for community members to learn more about DisneylandForward and voice their opinions on the proposals being discussed. The dates for these coffee hours are

-May 20th at Ponderosa Park (2100 S Haster St.)

-June 3rd at Walnut Grove Park (905 S Anaheim Blvd.)

- June 10th at Boysen Park (951 S State College Blvd.)

-July 8th at Maxwell Park (2655 W Orange Ave.)

-July 22nd at Barton Park (800 S Agate St.)

-August 12th at Juarez Park (841 S Sunkist St.)

-September 9th at Pearson Park (400 N Harbor Blvd.)

-October 14th at Ronald Reagan Park (945 S Weir Canyon Rd.)

Local residents have expressed mixed reactions towards these plans. “I think it’s great that Disney is looking into expanding their operations here in Anaheim," said one resident who attended a Coffee Hour event. "It would be great if they could bring some more jobs into the area as well as create more attractions that people can enjoy." However, another resident voiced concerns over potential traffic issues that may arise due to increased activity in the area: “I think it’s important that we consider how this expansion might affect traffic congestion in our city before making any decisions."

Overall, DisneylandForward is an ambitious plan that could potentially bring many benefits to both visitors and local residents alike if approved by the city of Anaheim. It will be interesting to see how these proposals develop over time as community members continue to voice their opinions during upcoming Coffee Hours events throughout the summer months.


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