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Disneyland Area Braces for Potential Impact from Hurricane Hilary

Visitors to the Disneyland area may face disruptions to their plans due to the impending arrival of Hurricane Hilary.

The National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center are closely monitoring Hurricane Hilary, which is currently positioned near Mexico. According to the latest updates as of 3AM MDT on August 17th, 2023, the Hurricane Center has cautioned that Hilary "has the potential to bring significant impacts to the Baja California Peninsula and portions of the southwestern United States this weekend and early next week." Although it is currently too early to determine the precise locations and magnitude of the wind impacts, residents and visitors in these areas should stay vigilant. A Tropical Storm watch has been issued for southern parts of Baja California Sur, and additional watches or warnings may be issued later.

The peak of rainfall impacts from Hurricane Hilary in the southwestern U.S. is forecasted for Sunday and Monday. As for the potential implications on Disneyland's operations, the specifics remain uncertain. In the past, Disney World in Florida has experienced early closures or complete shutdowns due to hurricanes and tropical storms.

As of now, Disneyland has not released any official notices regarding the steps they plan to take, but it is advised to keep an eye out for updates. If you are in Southern California or have plans to visit the area during the upcoming weekend or early next week, it is strongly recommended to closely monitor weather updates to ensure your safety and make informed decisions.


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