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Disney Unveils Mickey Mouse Skeleton Popcorn Bucket for Halloween at Disneyland Park

Disneyland has revealed a sneak peek of the highly anticipated Mickey Mouse Skeleton Popcorn Bucket. This exciting addition is set to make its debut during the upcoming Halloween season.

Disney recently released a first look at the Mickey Mouse Skeleton Popcorn Bucket, which is expected to be available at various popcorn carts throughout Disneyland Park. This limited-edition popcorn bucket features a spooky design showcasing the iconic Mickey Mouse as a skeleton, perfectly capturing the Halloween spirit.

Popcorn bucket collectors can anticipate the release of this exclusive item, which is bound to become a must-have souvenir for visitors during the Halloween festivities. The Mickey Mouse Skeleton Popcorn Bucket promises to be a cherished keepsake for both Disney enthusiasts and Halloween enthusiasts alike.

Disneyland Park is known for its creative and unique popcorn bucket designs, often releasing special editions to celebrate different seasons and events. These collectible items have become highly sought after by both locals and tourists, adding an extra touch of magic to their Disneyland experience.

As the Halloween season approaches, guests can look forward to indulging in delectable popcorn while immersing themselves in the festive atmosphere of Disneyland Park. Keep an eye out for updates on the availability and release date of the Mickey Mouse Skeleton Popcorn Bucket as the park prepares to delight visitors with this new addition.

So, grab your Mickey Mouse Skeleton Popcorn Bucket, enjoy the delicious popcorn, and embrace the spooky spirit of Halloween at Disneyland Park this year!


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