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Disney's Premier Passport will not return.

Disney's Premier Passport, an annual pass for Disneyland and Disney World, will not be returning due to lack of interest according to CEO Bob Iger. The pass was introduced in 2010 as a way for guests to access the parks with ease and convenience. However, it never achieved the success that the company had hoped for.

The Premier Passport allowed guests to purchase an annual pass that would grant them access to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. It also included discounts on food, merchandise, and other activities at the parks. Guests could also use their passport to book FastPasses and reserve dining reservations ahead of time.

Despite its many benefits, the Premier Passport failed to generate enough interest from park-goers. According to Iger, “We found that people weren’t taking advantage of all the features offered by the passport and weren’t using it as much as we had anticipated.” He went on to say that “it just didn’t make sense for us to continue offering this product when there wasn’t enough demand for it.”

The decision has been met with mixed reactions from Disney fans. Some are disappointed that they won't be able to take advantage of all the perks offered by the passport while others are relieved that they won't have to pay an extra fee just for access to Disney Parks.


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