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Disney Parks Josh D’Amaro Unveils Ambitious Plans for Indiana Jones Ride at Animal Kingdom

Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products Chairman, Josh D’Amaro, recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly (EW) to discuss the future of the Dinosaur ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. In a move that has been eagerly anticipated by fans, D’Amaro confirmed that the beloved ride will be reimagined as an Indiana Jones-themed attraction.

D'Amaro first hinted at this potential change during his Destination D23 presentation in September, where he unveiled concept artwork showcasing an Indiana Jones-inspired temple. The reveal, set to John Williams' iconic Indiana Jones score, sparked widespread speculation among Disney enthusiasts.

In the EW interview, D’Amaro addressed these rumors head-on, confirming the company's commitment to the Indiana Jones franchise as a key part of the Animal Kingdom's upcoming expansion. "We've got so many stories to tell, we have so many things we want to make even better in the theme parks," D'Amaro said. He reassured fans that the company was "absolutely serious" about its plans.

This ambitious project aligns with Disney's recent announcement that it would invest $60 billion over the next decade to enhance its global properties. A significant chunk of this budget, $17 billion, is allocated for Walt Disney World, with spending expected to ramp up closer to 2030.

D'Amaro spoke fondly of his time managing Animal Kingdom, highlighting the park's spirit of exploration and adventure. He believes that there are numerous stories that can be told within the park, while staying true to its essence.

The Dinosaur ride, which debuted with Animal Kingdom in 1998, shares a similar ride system with Disneyland's Indiana Jones Adventure attraction that opened in California three years earlier. While D’Amaro did not delve into the specifics of the new attraction, his optimism about its potential is clear.

As Disney continues its journey of innovation and expansion, fans can expect more exciting announcements and developments in the near future.


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