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Breaking News: Tiana's Bayou Adventure Opens June 28 at Walt Disney World!

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your beignets because we have some thrilling news to share! Tiana's Bayou Adventure is officially set to open its doors to the public on June 28 at Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World!

This highly anticipated attraction, which replaces the iconic Splash Mountain, has been a hot topic among Disney fans since its announcement. Tiana's Bayou Adventure invites guests to join beloved characters Princess Tiana, Mama Odie, Louis, and all-new friends on a thrilling adventure, all set against the music and magic of New Orleans!

As Tiana embarks on her next chapter after "The Princess and the Frog," she's throwing a festive party during Mardi Gras season to thank her family, friends, and the entire community for all the support they've given her as a successful business owner. This celebration will not only showcase Tiana's entrepreneurial spirit but also highlight the importance of community and togetherness.

Disney Imagineers have been hard at work to ensure that this attraction is not just a ride, but an immersive experience. The ride will feature advanced Audio-Animatronics figures, including Tiana herself, showcasing technology that has been developed for attractions in international Disney parks. These animatronics promise to bring the characters to life in ways never seen before at Walt Disney World.

But that's not all! The ride will also feature an original soundtrack with new and favorite tunes from "The Princess and the Frog," as well as the alluring scent of beignets being prepared for the party in the attraction queue. Talk about a multi-sensory experience!

Tiana's Bayou Adventure is not just about the ride itself; it's about the spirit of New Orleans and the celebration of diversity and community. Disney Imagineers have collaborated with industry legends like PJ Morton and Terence Blanchard on the music for the ride, ensuring that the spirit of New Orleans is captured in every note.

So mark your calendars, Disney fans, and get ready to join Tiana, Louis, and their friends on this musical adventure through the bayou. It's time to let the good times roll, or as they say in New Orleans, laissez les bons temps rouler!


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