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Bob Iger Discusses Potential Expansion of Theme Parks

Disney CEO Bob Iger shared some intriguing insights into the company’s potential for expansion. He stated, “The company could build seven new full lands at its theme parks… We have 1000s of acres of lands to develop, we could actually build seven new full lands if we wanted to around the world, including the ability to increase the size of Disneyland in California, which everybody thinks is kind of landlocked by 50%.”

Iger’s comments highlight the vast potential for growth that Disney has at its disposal. With thousands of acres of land available for development, the company has the capacity to significantly expand its theme parks worldwide. This includes the potential to increase the size of Disneyland in California by 50%, a move that would defy common perceptions of the park being landlocked.

Iger also emphasized the wealth of intellectual property (IP) that Disney has to mine, stating, “You can look at every single location that we’ve got and there’s land, opportunity, but most importantly, we have so much IP to mine that there’s opportunity there to create experiences that we know people will love to have in our parks.”

This suggests that Disney sees a clear path to creating new, engaging experiences for park-goers by leveraging its extensive IP. Given the demand in the marketplace and the return on invested capital, Iger described such investment as a “no-brainer.”

However, Iger’s use of the phrase “if we wanted to” has sparked discussion. Why wouldn’t Disney want to pursue such expansion? The answer likely lies in a careful balance of supply and demand, financial feasibility, and maintaining the unique magic that each Disney park offers. Overexpansion could potentially dilute the Disney experience, and each new project must be carefully considered to ensure it aligns with Disney’s brand and audience expectations.

The Disneyland Forward project, which aims to build new lands/parks, could be a part of this strategic expansion. As always, Disney’s decisions will be guided by its commitment to creating magical experiences that resonate with its audience. As fans and park-goers, we can only wait and see what exciting developments the future holds.


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