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Anaheim Hosted Workshop for Disneyland Forward Project

The city of Anaheim recently hosted a workshop to discuss the ambitious Disneyland Forward project, a proposal aimed at rethinking the future of Disneyland Resort and its surrounding area. The event was held to provide an opportunity for stakeholders, including residents, businesses, and community members, to voice their thoughts and concerns about the proposed project.

The project, as outlined by the Senior Planner at the workshop, seeks to provide flexibility in zoning of land already owned by Disney within the Anaheim resort area. This would involve amendments to existing city plans, adjustments to theme park districts, hotel districts, and parking districts, and changes to space designations. For example, the current Toy Story parking lot would be designated as a theme park space, possibly developing into a retail and dining space.

Concept art of future parking structures at the northeast corner of Harbor Blvd and Disney Way was shown to the commission, highlighting the new traffic lights, lane configurations, and bike paths planned along Disney Way.

However, the project has not been without criticism. Some community members voiced concerns over the perceived lack of financial benefit to the city of Anaheim from the project. Others expressed worries about disturbances from increased traffic and attractions. There were also calls for more housing to be built, with some citing Disney's unfulfilled promise from the last big expansion in the 1990s to build and preserve more housing.

Despite these concerns, many speakers voiced their support for the Disneyland Forward project. The owner of Anaheim’s Castle Inn and Suites commended Disney for their collaborative approach and responsiveness to his concerns. A residential neighbor of Disneyland Resort expressed excitement about the preservation of pedestrian access to the resort via Walnut St. on the west side, in addition to the proposed pedestrian bridges.

The Disneyland Forward project represents a significant step towards modernizing and renovating the Anaheim theme park, seeking to create more entertainment opportunities in new ways. However, as the workshop demonstrated, the project must also navigate the concerns and interests of various stakeholders within the Anaheim community. As the project moves forward, these conversations will continue to be integral to shaping Disneyland's future.

This article was inspired by information provided by, who attended the event.


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