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  • Louis Minguet

An update on the progress of work at Disneyland Paris!

These are certainly the two biggest projects underway at Disneyland Paris: The renovation of the prestigious Disneyland Hotel, and of course, the new Frozen land !

In this article, we will review the announcements and news that have been announced by Disneyland Paris on these two big projects.

To begin with, let's go back to the information about the Frozen land. A video has been published on YouTube (find the video by clicking here), and reveals some precious information!

As a reminder, this land has been planned to open since the 2018 Walt Disney Studios expansion announcement, and is expected to open around 2024 (dates may change).

You should find an attraction, stores, restaurant, meeting place with characters and more!

Here are some pictures to project you in the near future!

The Frozen land is not the only big project at Disneyland Paris.

Closed for many months now, the Disneyland Hotel is getting a complete makeover!

When it reopens in 2024, the Disneyland Hotel will be the first Disney hotel with a royal theme, and will discover the stories of the different Disney princesses!

In the meantime, some visuals have been shared with us!

That's it for today, but check back soon for more news!


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