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A look into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure recently shared a sneak peek at Disney World's upcoming New Orleans-inspired attraction, Tiana's Bayou Adventure. Here's everything you need to know about this magical new addition to the theme park

As soon as you set foot in the queue of Tiana's Bayou Adventure, you'll be greeted with a charming rustic barn. But this isn't just any barn; it houses the main offices for Tiana’s Foods. The atmosphere here is inviting and sets the stage for the delightful journey that awaits.

Music That Sets the Mood

The queue will also feature speakers broadcasting an “old-timey radio show” with songs performed by local New Orleans musicians. This authentic touch truly brings Tiana's world to life, immersing guests in the rich culture and history of her hometown.

Crates and Critters: All Part of the Adventure

The load station of the ride is an adventure in itself. Here, guests will find cranes hoisting crates labeled “Tiana’s Foods”. This not only adds an element of realism but also helps build anticipation for the adventure to come.

As you embark on the ride, one of the first sights you'll encounter in the indoor section is 'the critters' depicted in the concept art shared by Disney.

Tiana Herself Welcomes You

Throughout the ride, several Tiana Animatronics will “address guests directly” as they join her in the search for a missing ingredient. Using the same state-of-the-art technology as Frozen Ever After at Hong Kong Disneyland, these Audio-Animatronics promise a truly immersive experience.

Nods to Splash Mountain

Ted Robledo, a representative from Disney, hinted that the ride will also feature nods to the iconic Splash Mountain. This is sure to delight long-time Disney fans and add an extra layer of nostalgia to the adventure.

Magic Awaits at the 50-Foot Drop

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of Tiana's Bayou Adventure is the lead-up to the 50-foot drop. Without giving too much away, Robledo teased that this section will feature “magic”. He hinted, “It’s a magical moment that happens down there.”

So, there you have it! A first look at what promises to be another unforgettable attraction at Disney World. Tiana's Bayou Adventure is shaping up to be a thrilling journey through the heart of New Orleans, filled with music, magic, and, of course, our beloved princess Tiana. We can't wait to see it for ourselves!

Stay tuned to The Disneyland View for more updates on Tiana's Bayou Adventure and all things Disney.

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