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100 Years celebration begins January 27th, 2023 at Disneyland.

Announced today by the Disney Parks Blog the Disneyland Resort will begin celebrating 100 years of The Walt Disney Company on January 27th, 2023! Below is everything that has been announced already but we are sure a lot more is coming soon!

World Of Color-One will bring all the Disney characters to one stage and to show that on drop of water could start a legacy. According to the Park Blog "The show will also feature a new original song, “Start a Wave.”"

Nothing "Crazy" is happing here banners will be added say 100 and a new golden peak at the very top center. I think the biggest thing here is the water effects to the side of the castle this will be a nice touch to add.

Finally more Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway News!! Low-Key dropped in the article Disney said that it too will be ready for the January 27th celebration date!!!

We feel that these were the top 3 things to highlight we would also like to say the "Magic Happens" is coming back in spring of 2023. As alway make sure to stay tuned for more information about The Disneyland Resort at The Disneyland View


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